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What is smart pricing and why does Google use it?

Google’s smart pricing feature is designed to raise advertiser confidence in the AdSense network, which in turn can lead to higher bids on ads that appear on publisher sites. This then benefits the entire advertising ecosystem of publishers, advertisers, and users in the long run. To appear on AdSense content pages, AdWords advertisers bid on ads and compete in an auction to appear on your pages. When advertisers compete to appear on AdSense for content pages, they're looking for business results from their clicks. These results differ from advertiser to advertiser, but co

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How To Add Logo In Your Blogger (With Picture)

This article is for those friends who want to add their logo in your blogs. There are two different processes to add logo, but in this tutorial I will teach you one easy step to do so. Adding the logo in your blog will give your blogs a new looks. It is so easy that you will say, “What?? Is this it?” at the end. Let’s start our work without any delay. Follow the steps which are given bellow: 1. Open your Blogger 2. Click the Layout button   3. Click the “Browse” button to choose the file from your computer  4. After you upload your logo, choose the “Instead of

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(MUST READ) 10 Reasons why the Blogger FAIL

There are several reasons behind why the Bloggers fails. Many people/companies work as a Blogger for several years and most of them are listed on the list of failure. In my experience as a blogger I too have encounter with many failure. It took me long to figure it out. As this article is written in my experience so I’d like to say read all the points in this article and take it seriously. As long as you are improving, success will be not so far. I was too the victim of the common problem faced by all the new bloggers when I step in to this online world. To absolutely prev

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How to create a Good Content – Blog

Sites, or Web logs, are online diaries that are refreshed as often as possible, once in a while even day by day. A refresh, (additionally called a passage or a post) is typically very short, maybe only a couple of sentences, and perusers can frequently react to a section on the web. Individuals who compose online journals are normally called bloggers. Bloggers, facetious, call themselves and their web journals the blogosphere. Online journals are an extraordinary method to keep everybody in a family side by side of the most recent family news without running up the telephon